The School for Lies…and heartache.

Congrats to the cast and crew of another Gettysburg Great production! David Ives’ The School for Lies headed up our 2017/2018 season with thick satire and bawdy humor and a mid-seventeenth century setting that warmed my costumer’s heart. I had a great time designing and building this show which may explain the the startling stress-responses I suffered when the play came under some campus controversy. The details are too fraught with heartache to go into here but it is safe to say that the department will think twice before embarking on any show with a cross-dressing element (Sorry, Shakespeare. Maybe it is time for some rewrites?). Speaking of Shakespeare- King Lear is next on the docket!  Get your tickets now by calling the Majestic Theatre,  downtown Gettysburg, 717-337-8200. We have guest actor, Paris Peet, coming to play the title role in this heart-wrenching tragedy. If you wanted to laugh you should have come to The School for Lies for you are sure to cry at Lear


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