In Our Own Time

Just wanted to tell you about a little arts and crafts fair I am participating in. It will be November 10th from 10-3 in the Hall of Presidents in J.C.Colgate Hall. I must admit I don’t know much about this one.Kurt signed me up so I have no idea what other kinds of things will be there. Come and be surprised with me! Maybe do some holiday shopping.
I’m planning on overhauling my illustration page soon so keep checking back. There will be some new things! Not as much as I had hoped but I guess this happens when you go back to school.

New location and etsy site

Hello Hamilton!
Well Kurt and I moved successfully and the Filthy Hands Art Studio is settling in to its new location: a whole room this time!! with heat (not so useful now but i can see its wintery potential!) and lots of light.It’s very exciting. Hope that you will all get to visit.
In other news, Ethel Vrana, the wonderful woman who makes my giclee prints for me, is preparing for a show in Italy. While this is fantastic it means that she doesn’t have much time to devote to printing. So I’m afraid I won’t be able to do any unless I find someone in Hamilton. No worries. I will get it figured out.
If you are interested in originals I have posted a few for sale at the online marketplace You can find my stuff at

To Hamilton!

We’re moving! Its time to pack up the studio and head off to Hamilton, NY for a year. My Husband Kurt has landed himself a cozy fellowship at Colgate University and I am, of course, tagging along. Not sure what I will be doing just yet. I have been percolating some painting ideas so hopefully they will get some attention if I am indeed to be unemployed for a spell. Maybe I will have more time for you as well! Poor neglected website