November Show

I will be having a show in November at the Barge Coffee Company here in Hamilton. This show will be of a series of snow paintings that I have been working on.I have posted the finished ones in the gallery if you want a sneak preview. I’m hoping for a good reception as November is normally when people don’t mind seeing the snow so much…if this show was in March I suspect it wouldn’t go as well.


This summer will hopefully be a productive one. I won’t be taking any classes and my job at Colgate is on hold for June and July plus I’ve bottled up my inspiration for this past year and I am just about to burst. Keep checking the gallery as I will post new pieces once they are completed.
Oh! I think I forgot to tell you that the Filthy Hands Art Studio will be sticking around Hamilton for another year. Boo! and Yay!


I’m participating in the HERstory show at MAD ART to celebrate women’s history month.You can see more at if you are interested.My Leaving, Watermask,and Pursuit all made it into the show. It seems that Watermask may have found a home. I’ll let you know for sure.I am happy/sad about it. I love that painting but I am glad someone else does as well.