To Hamilton!

We’re moving! Its time to pack up the studio and head off to Hamilton, NY for a year. My Husband Kurt has landed himself a cozy fellowship at Colgate University and I am, of course, tagging along. Not sure what I will be doing just yet. I have been percolating some painting ideas so hopefully they will get some attention if I am indeed to be unemployed for a spell. Maybe I will have more time for you as well! Poor neglected website

Gallery Show Participation


I am going to have a piece in the “Spring Bouquet” show at the Corners Gallery in the Corners Community Shopping Center, Ithaca, NY.The show will run from May through June. Incidentally this is also the gallery that I work at. Fancy that. So if you  come to see the show chances are I will be there. But depending on how I am feeling I won’t always confess that it is me. I’m not really a floral artist but I gave it my best shot and came up with a rather moody little acrylic on board. I will put up a picture soon but I am doing this update at my husband’s office and do not have the picture file with me. The gallery will probably put something up on its site when the show starts.