She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms

Well, we did it! Thanks to Covid we created our first ever digital performance with Qui Nguyen’s “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms”! It was not what anyone wanted- we had stated with elaborate plans for an outdoor version of Nguyen’s original play “She Kills Monsters” using a cast of over 30 mostly as D&D monsters. But when our college had to de-densify campus due to Covid 19 and half of the cast was sent home we transitioned to the zoom version of the play. But after working through that disappointment the cast and crew came around and put together a stellar show proving the resiliency of the human spirit. We hope to not have to do it again but now that we know we can do it and do it well we are no longer fearful if safety concerns direct us to the digital realm in order to practice our art.

Not very sensible Sense and Sensibility

The Dashwood sisters unhappily encounter the Steele sisters at a party in London

Like many schools, colleges, and professional companies around the globe we have had the misfortune of canceling our last production of the season, Macbeth, before its completion. To comfort myself I am trying to concentrate on our most recent and highly successful and enjoyable production of Kate Hamill’s stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. My good friend and colleague, Chris Kauffman, adeptly directed a stellar cast of Gettysburg college students and wrangled us designers to handily create a truly beautiful show that has become the best show I have worked on so far. It pushed me to the limits both costuming and painting-wise and I was never so proud to be so exhausted. I dearly hope it will not be the last show we ever do but, if it unthinkably must be, what a fitting end to the most amazing job I could ever imagine.

I have posted a few more photos and the original designs on the costume page if you are interested.

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! Happy 2020! Here is what has become my yearly website post. I did not intend to only update my website once a year but between my dream family and my dream career life is very busy. 2019 was a bit of a blur. Our return from England seem to drop us right where we left off. In the spring, I designed two shows for the Gettysburg Department of Theatre Arts, Antlia Pneumatica and Everybody. Both shows were great but relatively light costume-wise and so when the nearby Totem Pole Playhouse offered me the summer costume design position I took it. This decision led to a hectic summer and I probably will not do it again but I met some great people and gathered some information about the world of equity theatre and feel I can offer more insight now to my students. Check out the gallery to see designs from all of these shows. Cheers! Hope to update you about this summer’s projects soon!